Do any of you use video prospecting tools to help get in front of prospects?

When I was an SDR, I found it very difficult to even get my prospects to pick up the phone or even open my emails. Once I started to utilize LinkedIn, I found it a lot easier to connect with my ICP’s. What I would do is send a blank connection request and then once they connected I would send them a video message thanking them for connecting, introduce myself, and ask them if they had a few mins to learn more about my product.

With Q4 about to wrap up and the holidays around the corner, I’m sure it’s close to impossible to get in front of your targeted accounts.

Andrew Boos demo’d a tool for me a few weeks ago called Potion . It’s a new video prospecting tool on the block that uses “dynamic video” to help you send more video messages to prospects in less time (you can also send videos directly from your desktop on LinkedIn, which is amazing)

For a limited time you’ll have free access to that feature so go check out the post below and request a demo so they can walk you through the product.

Let me know what you think of the tool and how you’ve been using video to help set more demos and close more deals!

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